Well that was real mature...

Well that was real mature...

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The First Cliffhanger: How to Torture Your Main Character



Finally, on page 22, we wrap chapter one. The first Jigsaw World story arc is planned to be four 22 page chapters. Seriously, it is my hope that no one saw the chapter one cliffhanger coming then immediately said, "I should have seen that coming." If you did that. I succeeded. (If not then, I hope you loved the Dinosaur Men.)

The reveal that it was Dan's ex-wife under the mask was hopefully a shocker. It was important that she look the same but still look slightly different. Matt gave her a different hair style, but it is tricky. I was going to have Dan yelling "Cassandra!" but that seem vaguely insulting to the reader (and even the artist). We knew when colored it would be clear even with the different hairstyle, but I decided to have her simply introduce herself. Part of that decision was born from ambiguity of the black and white Rob-Con exclusive we put out before we put it on www.adventuresinpulp.com. Again, anyone who read the promo surrounding the series knows that this is probably an alternate reality version of Cass, but I don't actually spell it out (although a lot of the first few pages of chapter two has Dan dancing around trying to figure it out). I think anyone who discovers this later or comes into it cold will figure it out by the time they get halfway through chapter two.

When developing a cast, I knew I wanted a character that Dan knew from his previous life but now has to get reacquainted because they are from a different reality. I could not imagine a more painful direction to go in than to have it be his ex-wife. Just imagine someone you love and have the whole history with and now they have no idea who you are and they have all these new abilities and experiences you can't even imagine. I may be getting ahead of myself but as he gets to know this version of Cass, Dan has the painful realization that Cass may have become the best version of herself without him in her life. Ouch.

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