Well that was real mature...

Well that was real mature...

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Countdown to Rob-Con '15

As I have mentioned before, I'll be making my third appearance at Rob-Con on August 1st and 2nd at Viking Hall in Bristol, TN.  This year my Adventures in Pulp partner and illustrator, Matthew Childers, and I will debut Adventures in Pulp #2 (featuring The Four Horsemen and Ashes of the Immortals) as well as a full color final-edit edition of Jigsaw World #1 (two years ago we had a black and white Rob-Con exclusive of the mature readers work print). We will also have new printings of Adventures in Pulp #1 (featuring Dick Ruby and the Case of the Little Green Men and Hawk and a Handsaw). Matt will also have some exclusive prints available and I'll be sitting in on several panels, but I don't have the complete schedule yet. I have been invited to attend one of the two writer's panels and a self publishing panel as well. One thing is set: I will be in Matt Shaffer's Comic Book Movie Panel along with screenwriter Tommy Bryant and several others. That panel starts at noon on Saturday. I'm told it will cover The Marvel Cinematic universe, DC Cinematic Universe, Fox's X-Men/Fantastic Four Universe and finally Star Wars. Rob-Con will be expanding to two days this year. I was hoping to make an announcement at the con but alas I could not get a contract I was comfortable signing.  Some other potential opportunities have opened up though and as soon as I can go public with the info I will, it just won't be in time for Rob-Con. For more info on Rob-Con, check out  Robcon.net or their listing on Facebook/RobCon. If you are at the show, please come by and say "hi," especially if you are an artist. While Matt is a talented guy, he has a full plate and I am always looking for other artists to partner with on submissions to the major and minor publishers. In fact, don't feel you have to wait until the convention; e-mail me or contact me via twitter @BrettTHarris

Upadate: 7/27: Here is a pic of the books we will have available!

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