Well that was real mature...

Well that was real mature...

Thursday, July 27, 2017

RobCon Reminder and We Talk Comics Podcast Update

Just a reminder/update from my last post from March.

I will be attending RobCon again as a guest this coming weekend. It will be my fifth time around for the ever growing convention and appears it will be the best yet. If you are in the Northeast Tennessee or Southwest Virginia this weekend I highly recommend stopping in. Robert Pilk of Mountain Empire Comics has really been stepping it up the last couple of years. It's a fantastic show, with panels, costume contests, writers, artists, and a floor full of vendors. Last year was an absolute blast and it looks like this year will be even better. My partner on the the upcoming "The Outer Worlds," Ivan Castillo of Conquest Art Designs, will have some fantastic stuff available and even a few pages to preview of our sci-fi comic book mini-series. If you want info on RobCon you can find it on facebook here or contact Robert directly here. Also check out Conquest Art Designs here and here. I'll be sharing space with Ali Slate the GlitterGeek vlogger and cosplayer, who is kind of a "Sith Lord with a make-up addiction." You can check out some of her videos here or here. Ali will be hosting a pizza dinner followed by a Q&A with novelist and fellow RobCon guest Timothy Zahn (creator of the Thrawn character for the Star Wars universe), the night before the convention at Machiavelli's on 5th St. in Bristol, TN at 7:30. Part of the proceeds from ticket sales will go to the Holly Help Fund.

Since the "Women of Darby Pop" anthology came out in September I will actually have copies available this year. My story story "Looking for Redemption with Blind Eyes" featuring the character Stingray from Darby Pop's "Indestructible" closes out the issue. If you prefer digital comics you can still get both "Women of Darby Pop" and my four "Adventures In Pulp" short stories as downloads at Comixology here.  "Adventures in Pulp" was named "Digital Comic of the Year" by Pipedream comics for 2015 and all digital profits for go to the artist.

Back in March Chris Beck of We Talk Comics Podcasts contacted me about joining him and We Talk's founder Mo Kristiansen to do an episode focusing on Pre-Marvel Universe comic book movies. I first appeared on the We Talk Comic Podcast way back in the summer of 2015 promoting "Adventures in Pulp" and it was an absolute blast. Chris and Keith Callbeck hosted that episode and talking to them was like hanging out with my friends at the local the comic shop. Keith has since moved on and regular host Brett Monro was ill, so Chris invited me to fill in at the 11th hour (proving one Brett is most definitely NOT as good as another). The show was a lot of fun. It was a different vibe contributing to an ongoing conversation as opposed to a straight up interview so I felt a little shaky. My fear was that I spent a little too much time saying "I agree" or "I really liked this or hated that" without going into specifics. I guess I got lucky because some technical issues cropped up and the whole show and to be scrapped. We are trying to work out a time for a re-recording and I will make every effort to be more ready with specifics this time around. Have no fear, if I choke again,  Chris and Mo are total pros and I'm sure the show, like all their others, will be a fantastic in spite of my "green" efforts. As soon as the new show goes up I will provide a link. Until then, you can check out my first appearance here and I highly recommend trying some of their other past episodes, they are pretty great.

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