Well that was real mature...

Well that was real mature...

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Why lie about Trump's accomplishments?

I have watched several variations of this post pop up on my timeline by people who copied and pasted it.

The problem is that it is excrement of a bovine nature.

Here is the post:


“I am making this post so it will show back up as a future memory on my timeline: Today is 2 days after the 2020 election with still no winner declared due to corruption.

Gasoline is currently $1.88 per gallon and $2.08 per gallon diesel.

The stock market closed at 27,848, even though we have been fighting the COVID for 9 months. Our GDP growth for the 3rd Qtr was 33 percent.

We had the best economy ever until COVID and it is recovering well.

We have not had any new wars or conflicts in the last 4 years.

North Korea has been under control and has not been testing any missiles.

Isis has not been heard from for over 3 years.

Interest rates are 2.78 percent for a 30 year mortgage. The housing market is the strongest it has been in years.  Homes have appreciated at an unbelievable rate and sell well.

What is next for our country is scary and i worry for my child’s future.

Copy and pasted

Let’s see what it’s like 1 year from now.

This is so true. I don’t understand why people can’t see this. The funny thing is the people who hate President Trump have no idea why they hate him. He is not a perfect man but he loves God, our military, police officer’s, unborn children, and our country. Plus he is a brilliant business man. I’m praying that God will show mercy on our country once again”


OK, let’s break this turd down.

“still no winner declared due to corruption.”

The delay is actually because of the unusually high volume of mail in ballots, due to the pandemic…


… in fact, the biggest threat to our election is not “corruption” but misinformation (like this post, which was probably originally written by a Russian operative).


“Gasoline is currently $1.88 per gallon and $2.08 per gallon diesel.”

Gas prices are low because of COVID, in April gas prices were under a dollar per gallon and dropping…


…internationally, crude oil prices dropped on $0 per barrel for the first time in history on April 20th due to the pandemic. It had nothing to do with Trump.


“We had the best economy ever until COVID”

Trump inherited economy from Obama… https://www.jec.senate.gov/public/_cache/files/2c298bda-8aee-4923-84a3-95a54f7f6e6f/did-trump-create-or-inherit-the-strong-economy-final.pdf

… and ruined it by going 1.9 trillion in debt for tax cuts to the rich resulting in a poor GDP to debt ratio that lead to the recession started *BEFORE* lockdown/COVID.


The stock market is not the economy. A Wall Street recovery is less and less linked to a Main Street recovery.


“Our GDP growth for the 3rd Qtr was 33 percent” sounds great but it is misleading. It fell 31.4 percent in the second quarter (the largest shrinkage on record), so most of that was regaining ground from most people going back to work after lockdown. Actual growth from where we started would only be 1.6 percent.


“North Korea has been under control and has not been testing any missiles.”

Not even close, there have been over 32 North Korea missile tests during Trump’s four years in office. The most recent was in March of this year. (FYI there were 7 in all 8 years of the Obama Administration.)


“Isis has not been heard from in three years.”

There have been 40 Isis attacks in the last three years resulting in appx 1,600 deaths and over 2,350 wounded.


“Interest rates are 2.78 percent for a 30 year mortgage.  The housing market is the strongest it has been in years.  Homes have appreciated at an unbelievable rate and sell well.”

As us usually done in bad economic times, to get people to borrow money to spend, interest rates were cut by the Federal Reserve. This was done in March due to COVID. For the first time ever, it was cut to .01 percent…


… mortgage rates were cut as well resulting in a temporarily stronger than average housing market…


… which may even lead to a housing bubble that may burst and cause harm to our future economy (2008 anyone?).


“He’s a brilliant businessman” No, not really.


“The funny thing is the people who hate President Trump have no idea why they hate him.”

Nope I know exactly why I hate him because he’s a racist, sexist, incompetent, venal, greedy con man sexual predator who traffics in conspiracy theories and transactional ethics. I hate him because he embarrasses me when he alienates our allies abroad and cozies up to dictators and most of all I hate liars and he LIES more than any politician ever in the history of our country. That is not hyperbolic exaggeration but actual counted, documented, verifiable, blatant lies.



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