Well that was real mature...

Well that was real mature...

Thursday, February 20, 2014

New "Hawk and a Handsaw" up at Adventures in Pulp!

The penultimate page to our story "Hawk and a Handsaw" is up today at www.adventuresinpulp.com so please come on by, give us a look and leave a comment or two. This page, the 12th for H&H, is also our 26th page overall which marks the halfway point to "season one." Next week the grand finale for this particular tale will go live, God willin' an if'n the creek don't rise, as they say.

You can now follow Adventures in Pulp on twitter @AdventureinPulp  (note no "s" in adventure) where both Matt and I will be tweeting pulpy goodness. Tomorrow evening as promised with our twitter account going live, I will start posting a writer's commentary for "Adventures in Pulp" starting with "Dick Ruby and the Case of the Little Green Men." I will also post it here with a link to each page as we go.

You can also follow me personally on twitter @BrettTHarris where I will attempt to tweet any type of goodness, pulpy or otherwise.

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