Well that was real mature...

Well that was real mature...

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pipedreams and Podcasts!

If you haven't done so please check out the 5 Star review of my work by Pipedream Comics at http://pipedreamcomics.co.uk/review-adventures-in-pulp-presents-volume-1/
Author of the piece, Alex Thomas, uses words like "brilliant" to describe my writing!

You can follow that up with a Q & A I did with Alex at http://pipedreamcomics.co.uk/intervew-adventures-in-pulp-brett-harris/ In the interview, I discusse the difference between style and genre of Pulp!

I recently recorded a podcast for "We Talk" series of podcasts (www.wetalkpodcasts.com). I was invited along with my Adventures in Pulp partner Matthew Childers to participate in the "We Talk Comics" podcast with hosts Chris Beck and Keith Callbeck. We talked a little about Adventures in Pulp but mostly just geeked out like we would with our buddies at the comic shop. Once We Talk gets the We Talk Comics show edited and posted to their site at www.wetalkpodcasts.com/we-talk-comics/ I will give a shout out here and on twitter with a direct link, so please give me a follow @BrettTHarris

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