Well that was real mature...

Well that was real mature...

Monday, August 24, 2015

We Talk Comics!

As I mentioned in my last blog, I recently recorded a podcast for "We Talk" series of podcasts (www.wetalkpodcasts.com). I was invited along with my Adventures in Pulp partner Matthew Childers to participate in the "We Talk Comics" podcast with hosts Chris Beck and Keith Callbeck. We talked a little about Adventures in Pulp and geeked out like we would with our buddies at the comic shop. Well, no sooner had I mentioned it in my blog and, like Billy Batson yelling "Shazam!" it appeared on the web. So for those inclined to hear me and Matt drone on about Adventures in Pulp (and just geek out in general) you can go here: www.wetalkpodcasts.com/wtc-135-adventures-in-pulp.

I do pride myself on getting the facts right and I did realize I misspoke on two occasions. When I was recalling the television series "Cliffhangers" I mistakenly said a friend of mine got it on DVD by way of England. I was confusing it with a "The Prisoner" documentary he had purchased. He did get "Cliffhangers" on disc but it was from here in the U.S. and neither were via Ebay.

Also, when I stated we decided to put Jigsaw World up at Adventures in Pulp, I mistakenly said it was because of Matt's work on a pitch with Curt Pires and Adam Knave. That was an error. His work with Curt was sometime earlier.  It was actually his work at deCoubertin Books that put us in the position that we decided to throw Jigsaw World up on our site.

Mea Culpa. 

Again I want to shout out to Chris Beck and Keith Callbeck. They are a great couple of guys and going on their show was an absolute blast. It really was like hanging out in your local comic shop with old friends. I can honestly say it's the most fun I have had with my clothes on this year. If they ever temporarily go nuts and want me back, I will do so with a whoop and a holler. Again that's www.wetalkpodcasts.com/wtc-135-adventures-in-pulp.

And here is one for a kindred spirit!

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