Well that was real mature...

Well that was real mature...

Monday, September 28, 2015

Collected Edition Adventures In Pulp Kickstarter is Live.

My Kickstarter is live! 
#kickstarter #comics
Now is where I ask for your help in making this happen! We have tons of great rewards, a fun product, and stories written by me and drawn my Matthew Childers!
The collected edition includes all four short stories from my www.adventuresinpulp.com site:
Dick Ruby and the Case of the Little Green Men
Hawk and a Handsaw
The Four Horsemen
Ashes of the Immortals
Plus an exclusive story not available anywhere else: "Split Second" featuring the character Blue Quiver! 

UPDATE 10/4 You can get drawn into the Blue Quiver story with the purchase of the of one of our FOUR Cosmic Packages. First Cosmic Package snagged will nab you a starring role as the villain.

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