Well that was real mature...

Well that was real mature...

Friday, January 1, 2016

Chapter Two and Top Ten: Great ways to End and Begin the Year!

I have let my blog slide recently with an onslaught of writing and a very busy schedule. I have been buried in television screenplays, prose short stories and, of course, comic book scripts. In fact, as I write this I'm technically supposed to be scripting a done-in-one for Top Cow's annual talent hunt which is due in just two weeks. But I had to take a break to point out some big things.

Pipedream Comics: Best of 2015 Top 10 Digital Comics of 2015
First Adventures in Pulp made Pipedream Comic's list of Top Ten Digital Comics for 2015 and fans will get to vote based on those selections over the next two weeks. I know it's a cliche to say it was an honor just to make the top ten list, but when I see my characters and stories next to Batman and the X-Men, it really is. Please take a few moments to see the list and vote: Pipedream's Top Ten

The promo for Jigsaw World Chapter 2. Art by Matthew Childers
Next, after a long delay (and sadly a failed Kickstarter), new pages have gone up at Adventures in Pulp. The complete prologue to chapter two of Jigsaw World went up in time for Christmas. So you can dive into the second part of our epic if you go here: http://adventuresinpulp.com/jigsaw-world-issue-2. If everything goes as planned the arc on Jigsaw World will be 88 total story pages (four 22 page chapters). Still up and available to read for free is Jigsaw World Chapter One: http://adventuresinpulp.com/jigsaw-world
And our four short stories are still up as well: 
Dick Ruby and the Case of the Little Green Men: http://adventuresinpulp.com/dickruby 
Hawk and a Handsaw: http://adventuresinpulp.com/hawk-and-a-handsaw-2 
The Four Horsemen: http://adventuresinpulp.com/the-four-horsemen 
Ashes of the Immortals: http://adventuresinpulp.com/ashes-of-the-immortals 
You can also purchase downloads of your own copies of those first three shorts at Comixology.com (with the fourth being available soon). Just go here!

In a few weeks I hope to be starting a search for artists who might be interested in teaming up to do submissions for the major and minor publishers. If you are an artist and want to collaborate on a pitch, please contact me via e-mail at brettharriscomics@gmail.com or via twitter @bretttharris I have eight pitches in various stages of development and five of those that need an artist attached. My Adventures in Pulp partner Matthew Childers and I have also discussed the idea of an internship for artists at AIP. But that is VERY preliminary. Hopefully, I will have more on that in a few months.

I promise with a brief break coming soon in my deadline schedule I will do a 2015 year in review where I brag about my awesome son, share a few photos and hopefully make a few announcements and gush about how spectacular it is to be a geek right now with tv shows like The Flash, the return of Star Wars to the cinema and other scifi and comic book greatness taking the center stage in pop culture.

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