Well that was real mature...

Well that was real mature...

Saturday, January 16, 2016

My Webcomic Wins Digital Comic of the Year 2015!

Pipedream Comics website named the webcomic I write, Adventures in Pulp, "Digital Comic of the Year 2015!"

You can read the announcement here:
Pipedream DCOY

First and foremost, I would like to thank all the fans who threw their lot in with me and illustrator Matthew Childers and voted for Adventures in Pulp. I know it was a difficult choice considering some of the tremendous talent (both established, like Alan Moore, and the up-and-coming indy talent), amazing story variety and popular characters (has anyone heard of Batman and the X-Men?) that were also in the running. I know it's a cliché to say it but, just making the list, much less winning, is a huge honor.

Next, I have to thank Alex Thomas. The support we have gotten this year from Pipedream has been a true gift. As creators, we work away in solitude, so the one-two-punch of the kind words from his great review and the enthusiasm of Keith Callbeck and Chris Beck over at We Talk Comics Podcast back in August really came at a great time and kept us going when we were on the verge of giving up. Putting us in *two* of their Top 10 of the Year lists (Pipedream also named us #5 of the best 30 comics in Comixology Submit) was the icing on the cake. But now, to actually win, voted on by readers, on top of everything has just left me shocked, thrilled and humbled.

It will definitely put the pressure on us to keep the bar high In the coming year as we veer from our weekly cliffhanger short stories to continue our "Flash Gordon" homage with our long form epic, "Jigsaw World." We are only 26 pages into the 88 page story and I certainly hope the fans continue to enjoy reading our particular brand of pulp adventure storytelling as much as we enjoy producing it. Over the course of the remaining story, we will see Dan, Cass and Stein face off with zombie/alien plant creatures, fight the Dinosaur Men in an arena, battle a giant spider, meet a race of bird-people from a city in the sky, and introduce a race of insect-like cyborg creatures. In other words: loads of pulpy sci-fi fun, I hope everyone reading stops by and checks us out.

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