Well that was real mature...

Well that was real mature...

Monday, July 23, 2018

Rob-Con Anouncement and another WeView

It looks like I will be attending RobCon this year. I've been waffling back and forth for a while. Initially I was hoping to come and RobCon would be the debut of the prelude issue of The Outer Worlds a sci-fi miniseries I am doing with Ivan Castillo of Conquest Art Designs. But sadly, Ivan is still working on the cover and I still have several pages left to letter. 

So I was going to pass but several things happened. Matt Shafer invited me to join his annual movie panel, and being the self promoting ham/whore than I am, how could I say no? More over, why would I say no? Matt ran the Mountain Empire Comics Movie Club for several years and his enthusiasm for genre films is positively infectious. The panel will be Sunday at 12:30. I was going to do a hit and run. Go in for the panel, hang with Ivan at the Conquest Art Designs table for a bit, then scamper off into the night.

Matthew Preiss and his niece.
Then something tragic happened, one of Robert Pilk's employees, Matthew Preiss, was hospitalized.  Matthew is a great guy (as anyone who has had the pleasure to talk to him at Mountain Empire Comics will tell you). He has a long road to recovery ahead of him and if you are a praying person, please include him in your thoughts the next time you offer up to the Almighty.  

What's this have to do with me? 

Glad you asked. This left Rob a man down so I have been helping him out by filling in for Matthew. Now, don't let the way I phrased it make you think I was somehow coming to Rob's aid. (Although when I write my memoirs or biography that's exactly how I will present it). Oh, no, Rob and the rest of the RobCon/Mountain Empire Comics family have been doing this for years and have it down cold. They would be able to handle it no problem, but Rob knows things have been a little slow for me writing wise. I'm about to get the release of my three television pilots from Gloverzone Productions since they have not moved forward on production. My last three submissions have been rejected and it will probably be another month before Ivan and I have The Outer Worlds completed. Beyond the writing, Rob also knew I was laid off from my day job of 18 years back in November and my benefits ran out about a month ago. So I will be working Matthew's four hour shift at the Mountain Empire Comics table Saturday and helping out with a few shifts here and there at the shop in Bristol. Truth be told, Rob rode in to *my* rescue.

Matt Shafer then reached out again. He will also be having a comic book television panel Saturday at 1 and wanted me to join as well. I really do have a problem saying no, so I was all in before he finished the sentence.

Then one of Rob's organizers texted asking if I wanted a whole table or a half table for signings. In short, they already had me down as a guest and I didn't realize it. Did I mention I have problems saying no? So I will be at RobCon both Saturday and Sunday (not Friday). I will have a few of the very last print copies of the award winning Adventures in Pulp series from 2015 as well as copies of the Women of Darby Pop ready to purchase and sign. So, barring scheduling issues, if I'm not at my table you will be able to find me at the Mountain Empire Comics table or at the Matt Shafer's Comic Book Movie and Television panels. I highly recommend stopping in. Rob has really been stepping it up the last couple of years. It's a fantastic show, with panels, costume contests, writers, artists, and lots of vendors. The last couple of years have been an absolute blast and it looks like this year will be even better in its new venue of MeadowView Convention Center in Kingsport, TN.

Until then, I did do another WeView Review for the great folks at We Talk Comic Podcasts. This time I reviewed Archie Superteens Versus Crusaders #1. It has been up for a couple of weeks but you can find it here. I have a couple of more in the works that should be up soon. If you can't make it to RobCon and still want to check out my work you can get digital downloads of all four Adventures in Pulp short stories (with all profits still going to the artist) and the Women of Darby Pop anthology at Comixology here.

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