Well that was real mature...

Well that was real mature...

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Being on the right side of history

 As I said before, I would much rather be posting about sci-fi, writing, tv, comics, movies, and books but because Trump is such an existential danger to our country and the Constitution, I have to speak out. I used to *only* post about those things. But now...

A little while ago local photographer mocked me sarcastically saying he could see I was changing so many minds. Make no mistake my feelings were not hurt, because his barely literate posts revealed that he was not burdened with an over abundance of education or understanding. But he made a point (probably by accident).

I'm not changing minds.

If you care more about party than country you will still vote for Trump no matter the number of laws violated. No matter how much of the Constitution is violated. No matter how much our credibility abroad is diminished. No matter how many lies are told. No matter how many lives are lost. You will gobble up the untrue smears against BLM, Antifa, scientists and journalists. No matter how many people are murdered, no matter how emboldened the white supremacists become, no matter what facts are provided, no matter the sources sighted or recordings exist.

I really do believe that Dr. King was right and that the arc of our history of our country, while long, will bend toward justice. Depending on how this election and the next few years unfold, it may be decade, or a generation, or a century, but eventually, people will look back at this Administration and see what we see when we look back at Nixon, or McCarthy, or with the current revelation of forced sterilization in ICE detentions centers, possibly even Hitler (without it being hyperbole).

However, the question persists: Why continue when it falls on deaf ears (or due to unfollowing or unfriending is simply "preaching to the choir")?

A.J. Muste nailed it with this quote when he was asked a similar question by a reporter.

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