Well that was real mature...

Well that was real mature...

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Twenty years of propaganda has led to hate... and Trump.

 I miss posting about comics, sci-fi, writing and other nerdy things. I really do. I used to avoid posting about politics, but now my entire social media feed is virtually political. The reason is simple.

This is not any other election. This is not any other President.

With each day our commander in chief becomes more unstable, craven and venal. With over 20 years of Fox News and the advent of right wing propaganda sites like the Blaze, Breitbart, InfoWars, etc. The right has demonized the left to the degree that they hate us more than the Russians. They don't see us as Americans, hell, they barely see us has human. Their hate is so all consuming they will follow anyone who opposes us. They will ignore facts, science and truth if they don't fit their political view and will accept fake news and lies because they are more comfortable with what they are hearing.

Enter Donald Trump, who is at worst a traitor to America and at best a useful idiot to Putin. A man who who is sexist, racist, and cowardly. But he is still followed by a staunch 40-something percent of the electorate. They share posts that are factually incorrect or just plain hateful. They don't even care because the ends appear to justify the means. They will over look the hundreds of thousands that have died due to his mishandling of COVID (in fact many prolong it by refusing to wear a mask). They will overlook the graft of overcharging the secret service at Tump resorts and hotels. They will overlook the violations of the Constitution like asking the foreign countries for help during an election or holding people without benefit of counsel. They will overlook violations Hatch act during the RNC. They will overlook the appointments of cronies that have conflicts of interest like the Post Master General, who owns stock in the private industry competition. They will overlook mocking a disabled reporter. They will overlook eliminating oversight on COVID relief for small business that resulted in millions going to large companies before small companies could get aid. They will repeat and accept talking points that are divisive. Like trying to turn people who are working against those who lost their jobs because they are collecting unemployment. Or blame immigrants for the shrinking job market. They will accuse those who want everyone to have health care of being a communist. They will accuse those who are dedicated to fighting fascism of being fascists. Or the false notion that all protesters are looting and rioting when 93% of BLM protests are peaceful (and how many of the remaining 7% were actually started by BLM and not outside agitators trying to make BLM look bad?). They will overlook ordering violence toward peaceful protesters for a photo op in front of a church. They will repeat scare tactic lies that the left are going to take your guns or outlaw Christianity even though they made that claim in 2008 and 2012 and it didn't happen then either. Let us not forget the lies. Lie after lie after lie. Even thought there is video to prove the lies. He lies like others breath. And yet he is supported by people who claim to be Christian. In fact, his followers will launch smear campaigns against good people if they disagree with the president (like they have Fauci). They spread ridiculous conspiracy theories (QAnon, PizzaGate). Their hypocrisy is mindboggling. They will defend him no matter how great the evidence and attack the other side no matter how slim the evidence or small the issue. No moral act is too repugnant (like mocking Biden for visiting his son's grave, or ignoring Trump bragging about sexual assault, attacking and insulting Gold Star families and service men and women, or stealing from a children's cancer charity). They will give him credit for the economy that he inherited from Obama and ruined by going a trillion dollars into deeper into debt to give the rich tax cuts, resulting in the US going into a recession literally the month before COVID hit. They defend his change in immigration policy that resulted in the inhumane caging of children, separating them from their parents. They ignore the 14 year old warning from the FBI that white supremacist are infiltrating police at local levels across the country and find excuses to look the other way when countless people color are killed. "He had a record, he committed a crime, it was self defense." Even when the victims were unarmed, cuffed, outnumbered 4 to 1, shot in the back, or asleep. They pretend to support "law and order" but cheer the murder and assault of legal protesters who are doing nothing wrong or simply defending themselves. And yet, at the end, we are treated like the traitors and animals. We are beaten and maced and shot at like it's a liberal safari.

We are compared to demons and falsely accused of wanting to teach pedophilia as a normal sexuality in schools because we support LGBTQ issues. They falsely accuse us of being baby killers because we support a woman's right to chose, even going so far as falsely claiming liberals are taking newborns slitting their throats thin putting them back in the mothers and claiming it's an abortion. A horrifying notion. One only a sick mind could come up with, and yet it's a false claim they make about us. (They truth about abortion is the conservatives don't want to end it because they want to use it has a wedge issue for elections. If you don't believe me consider this: Since Roe v. Wade in 1973 we have had a conservative majority on the Supreme Court for 45 of those 47 years. Enough to over turn it. We have had six Republican presidents - 28 years). These repeated lies and conspiracy theories that make them hate us, and make them want to harm us. They also make them turn there backs on all the moral and decent things they have spent years claiming to support: truth, family values, honesty, integrity, dealing fairly with others or even treating others as they wish to be treated.

These repeated lies and conspiracy theories have caused unreasonable resentment and hate in the hearts of our friends and neighbors. At least I hope that's what caused it. I pray that's what cause it. Because the alternative is that they were always bloodthirsty, dishonest people who hid their hatred behind false piety.

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