Well that was real mature...

Well that was real mature...

Monday, July 21, 2014

Dramatis Personae: Introductions All Around (and around and around and around)!



The pattern of the writing will become more obvious here with these pages. Each horsemen gets his (or her) introduction. These were a real chance to give Matt an explosion of genres for his portfolio. In just one month he shows he can do, western, war, medieval, or samurai.  

It was Matt's idea to have the Knight in page 5 be a woman, which helped tremendously when I was looking for distinct motivations for each archetype.  I didn't just want the warriors to just be obvious imagery, but rather distinct characters should we ever revisit them (and while written to be a stand alone, I would love to do another story with these characters - you'll see why when you get to the final two pages).

I was hoping the cowboy text on page 6 would raise an eyebrow or two. Living in the south there are still people who believe the civil war was fought over states' rights and not slavery. States' right were a ploy invoked to stir up sentiment for the cause so that poor people who couldn't afford slaves would rush to fight for their "rights." It was a social and political trick to get the uninvolved riled up. It still goes on today. Listen to the rhetoric of politics today. If "states' rights" are invoked, it is almost always to get people to support something that really hurts a group of people. The reality is that the main right was the right to own another human being. If you don't believe me, just read the actual letters of secession (South Carolina is a good one to start with).

On page 7, Matt renamed my soldier (scripted as Wilkins) to Samuel Lawrence Washington. He said he almost went with Jackson. (Making him Samuel Lawrence Jackson or Samuel L. Jackson if you prefer).

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