Well that was real mature...

Well that was real mature...

Thursday, July 31, 2014

RobCon 2014 and NEW Jigsaw World

Just a little reminder. The second page of Jigsaw World went up today at www.adventuresinpulp.com. It's structured like a print book so I ask (ie beg) fans of the site to be patient. It will be rewarded.

I will be at ROBCON in Bristol, TN on Saturday Aug. 2nd and if you live near the Tennessee/Virginia state line, I encourage you to come by and say "hi!" There will be a writer's panel from 11-12 so if you want to hear me drone on in person (or you are just a glutton for punishment), pop on in and join the conversation. From what I understand, guests will be located on the stage at Viking Hall and the ADVENTURES IN PULP table will have a RobCon exclusive black and white rough draft of JIGSAW WORLD. It will have all 22 pages of chapter one as well as the original "mature readers" text. We will also have full color print copies of "DICK RUBY AND THE CASE OF THE LITTLE GREEN MEN" and "HAWK AND A HANDSAW" in a fun flip book as well a prints for each of those short stories. There will also be BRAND NEW print posters for our recently completed "FOUR HORSEMEN" and my partner in crime Matthew Childers will have several original prints available including "The Avengers," "Batman," "Star Wars" and more.

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