Well that was real mature...

Well that was real mature...

Friday, July 11, 2014

Round Robin of Assorted Stuff: 4 Horsemen, RobCon, B5, Baseball

The penultimate page of "FOUR HORSEMEN" is up at www.adventuresinpulp.com. *IF* we can stick to our schedule, the finale should go up in a week. Once it goes up, I will start a writer's commentary that will post on each page as well as here. Because of the uniqueness of the story structure I may not do every page as I did with "DICK RUBY AND THE CASE OF THE LITTLE GREEN MEN" and "HAWK AND A HANDSAW." Some commentaries may have pages grouped together. Soon, we will also have some news about changes in format for the website as well, but have no fear it will remain a FREE site.

I will be a guest at RobCon on August 2nd in Bristol, TN at Viking Hall along with my "Adventures in Pulp" partner in crime, Matthew Childers. I'll post and tweet lots of reminders. If you are in the area, tickets are ridiculously inexpensive and Rob has lined up a great guest list and selection of vendors. Two words for bronze age comic fans: Joe Staton. His "Green Lantern" work alone will make it hard for me to keep my seat and not go all psycho stalker fan.

Anyone who knows me, is more than keenly aware of my deep love of the television show "Babylon 5" I was starting to think that people had forgotten about the show until I made an off hand tweet and was hammered with replies. I forgot how vocal and passionate fans were. We may not be a legion like "Star Trek" and "Star Wars" fans but we are dedicated. And we should be.  While the show was small on budget, it was big on brains and heart. Sharp writing and fantastic characters highlighted a unique and epic story. It is a sin that the series is not running or streaming in it entirety here in the US so I have to throw my support behind #FreeBabylon5. Check out www.FreeBabylon5.com.

I hope to have more time to tweet and blog now that Xander's baseball season has wrapped (and this time it really has). His team got put out of the State Tournament after the fifth game. He was really amazing, he stepped up his game over an already impressive season. Two tournaments, eight games with over twenty plate appearances and he only struck out four times (the last two strikeouts were in the last game where Hendersonville's starting pitcher and closer put up a combined no hitter). I doubt my rant in my last blog entry was ever read by anyone at in our league but the manager came around a little (at least in terms of Xander, others were still getting screwed) and finally moved him to lead off and got some infield use out of him when he was not catching. Again, I can't help but note the biggest win of the State Tournament was when Xander caught the 4th game. Just saying... (pictured is his lead off single to right field in the 4th game - it wasn't pretty but it was probably his third longest hit of the season and got us on the board first). Baseball will still be a big part of our summer since we go watch the rookie level MILB Bristol Pirates play whenever there is a home game. In fact, Xander will be helping to broadcast a bit of the radio presentation of tomorrow's game. To tune in at 7:00 follow the link at http://www.milb.com/multimedia/audio.jsp?sid=t557 and click listen live next to Bristol Pirates. (UPDATE 7/12: A big mea culpa to all who tuned in. It was switched around and he ended up announcing batters via the PA system -pictured below- and not contributing to the broadcast).

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