Well that was real mature...

Well that was real mature...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Send in the Clones: Modern Day & The Fifth Horsemen



Matt once tweeted that page 12 was "hell" yet he managed to knock it out of the park. It achieves everything I wanted to do: Take a step back physically and have a stark contrast between modern world and the fantasy land we have been in for the past 11 pages. The big homage/Easter egg on this page was all Matt. My script had only: "an average businessman looking shocked, a newspaper crumpled in his fist."

And with that we come to the finish on page 13. The big reveal, set up all along was the FIFTH Horseman. Obviously hinted at along the way, but I hope with the direction I went, that I manage to surprise some of you with the with the reveal.  I tried to follow the rules I set up while breaking them at the same time. On one hand I went back to the same pattern as I had used on the four introduction pages, however in this case the clone was from our future instead of the past and he was from an Earth colony instead from Earth proper (I figured that was why he showed up separate from the others). It was fun and added a little sci-fi to our fantasy tale, which brought us back around to its initial concept roots (see my commentary on page 1). I think the page came out fantastic, my only real concern was the final panel, I was a little worried that it was too close to the Clone Horseman and people might not realize that he was also in present time (he was actually looking down on them through the tactical eyepiece in the final panel of the last page). If this experiment failed then at the very least I put up no less than six different genres (western, war, medieval, sword & sorcery fantasy, samurai and hard sci-fi) for Matt to put in his portfolio to show off his talent. While not as complex as our previous tales, it does have charm and because of the structure, it works better if read in a single sitting rather than a page at a time over three months. I really hope Matt and I can one day revisit our little team and see how they are doing on 21st Century Earth.  If we do it though, it will be a traditional story with actual dialogue. Matt has already asked (and by asked: threatened me with great physical violence) that I never do a dialogue-less story again. I agree it would have to be a special tale to go back to that... as I write this I hope I have a "fish taco" glint in my eye...*

*see the commentary on page 1 of "Four Horsemen" to get that joke.

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