Well that was real mature...

Well that was real mature...

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Epilogue, Part 1: King of the B's (aka Abrakadabra)



            With Baxter and Dr. Destructo's storyline was wrapped up and nailed down, I had laid ground work for the close sequence back on page 4. We revisit Dr. Peters getting ready for surgery when he decides to get in another "session" with William. Peters takes another turn here. Going from arrogant, pompous and condescending on the first three pages to sympathetic on pages four and five and finally to creepy and disgusting. Not bad for a secondary character who only appears in seven pages of a story.

            Right off the bat I lay the ground work for the final panel of the story on the next page. Matt expands my five panel script to seven very powerful panels. The best being the "smile in the shadow" panel. With that one panel we have moved from a super hero story to a horror story. (apropos for the material). Matt and I both sweated the "drawstring" panel, worried how far is too far for a site that has been striving to be all ages, but it works I think. There is not a lot to say here other than I really like this page overall. Matt does some great work here and story wise it works great as a set up for the finale. With the magic word "abra-kadabra," we are propelled to the big finish.

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