Well that was real mature...

Well that was real mature...

Monday, March 10, 2014

"So This Has Been a Ruse?"



            So we follow up the third page revelation that Dr. Felicity has not been honest. No major variations here, it is pretty much as scripted. You'll note that the stuttering dialogue has vanished since she has dropped the timid act and her relationship with Dr. Peters has shifted. She's in the driver's seat while he is less arrogant and snide. Matt absolutely nailed Dr. Peter's expression on panel two. The look on his face is just so beaten, it's one of my favorite panels in the story because of the emotion. You actually feel bad for him even though he was so condescending just a page earlier.

            I planted some seeds that would grow much further down the line.

            The name William Watson was a play on Billy Batson. Same trick as Bayne and Wayne. Then just expanded Billy to William (for the alliteration). Commander Miracle is obviously our tip of the cap to the original Captain Marvel. I loved how Matt's kid drawing turned out and the color contrast really makes it pop.

            We have everything set up now and even threw in a fun twist by confounding character expectations, I knew it was time to get moving. Origins aside, so far it has been two characters standing in a hall gabbing...

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