Well that was real mature...

Well that was real mature...

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Non-Ending Ending



            This being our first story, I scripted this page to be a single panel splash page with titles, etc. But when Matt started to draw it he called me and said, "A single panel page seems like a cheat for a weekly comic. A reader waits all week and only gets one panel, I think we should do more than that." I hadn't thought of it that way so, after he told me what he had in mind, it was fine by me. The dialogue played out the same. The only difference from the script was that Matt decided to hammer home the fact that the cop was an alien with the in-between-eye transformation. Since I had just played that beat with Betty in my initial script, I described it as "his mouth has morphed to display the sharp teeth." While we had also played that beat earlier, I thought it would be more scary. Again apples and oranges. His way worked just as well.
            From the beginning I knew I wanted a dark ironic ending. We had no intention of doing another Dick Ruby tale, so it could be assumed that, the aliens killed our dear Mr. Ruby and everything he went through was for nothing.
            Somewhere during the process I really started to like the guy.  Add to that, characters become real to me. I have to know them completely. While the ending was exactly as planned, (minor details like the mouth/eye aside) I will admit I did cut a line of description to leave a possible dangling plot point for a future story. I had already figured out what happened next. I also figured out who he would marry, when he would retire and his child's name. Not just what came after this case but what came before. I know what got him to start his detective agency. His whole life came to me in a blinding flash. Since writing the story, I have come up with at least 22 other story ideas as well as a spin-off. Dick Ruby is alive and well in my head. Fates willing, maybe we can tell more tales of Mr. Ruby.  Until then you'll just have to assume he died a painful death in the police station on January 4th 1948. Or maybe he didn't, and he will live on in your imagination.
            Either way if you want more of Dick Ruby cases let us know!
            You can follow us individually on twitter @BrettTHarris and @mattcdrawsalot. Adventures in Pulp also has a twitter account @AdventureinPulp (no s). Our next new story "Four Horsemen" will start on March 20, but until then Matt will be posting some designs for characters many will only appear in pages exclusive to the print editions of "Dick Ruby/Hawk and A Handsaw." Both of us will continue posting commentaries over the next few weeks.
Tomorrow: Commentary for "Hawk and A Handsaw" Page 1

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